Alternate Evolutions presents AFAIK - 057

Sep 6, 201763 minutes

Something a little different this time around, it's 3 years into the show, and it's about time i did some voiceover, it won't be too imposing and if i do talk, it'll be mainly towards the end of the show, maybe the start from time to time, otherwise enjoy the show! (Patreon was originally available but has since been put on hold for the forseeable future!)


00:00:00 1983 - Televisor
00:05:49 Bring The House - PBH & Jack Shizzle
00:09:37 Nightwalk - Lifelike
00:14:54 No Regrets - Roisto
00:17:50 The Island - Pendulum
00:22:30 Begin Again - Knife Party
00:28:04 Trompeta - Tom Budin
00:31:21 Don't Let Go (ft. Holly Winter) - Don Diablo
00:34:09 Casual (Thomas Gold Remix) - Alex Adair
00:37:10 Alone (Starjack vs Angemi Clap Starter) - Marshmello
00:40:01 Never Let You Go vs Shape Of You Vs Paradise - Don Diablo x Ed Sheeran x Coldplay
00:42:32 Waves - Retrovision
00:45:45 Baddest Behaviour - Throttle
00:49:13 Money Maker (ft. Aston Merrygold & Lunchmoney Lewis) - Throttle
00:52:28 Attention (Country Club Martini Crew Remix) - Charlie Puth
00:57:06 All My Love (ft. Conor Maynard) (Original x Sagan Remix) - Cash Cash

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