CM Radio - April 23, 2013 - Roch Voisine, Tyler Tasson & More

Apr 24, 201459 minutes

Greetings, and thanks for checking us out. This week, we're happy to bring you a special interview with a true Canadian music icon, Roch Voisine. He's fresh off of the release of an all-English greatest hits collection, "My Very Best," which also features four new tracks, including "Living Out My Dreams" - the Canadian Olympic Committee's anthem for the 2014 Winter Games. His career of entertaining audiences in two languages spans more than 25 years, so Mike had plenty to ask about during their conversation. Also, we've got Anthem/SRO Management's Tyler Tasson on the episode. She works closely with acts on the Anthem/SRO roster - Rush, Big Wreck, The Reason, and The Tea Party among them - and helps create opportunities for them. She'll tell us how she worked her way into the business, some of her professional highlights thus far, and more. Mike and Andrew will have a few things to talk about, too.

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