2019/4/13 - New music by Peace 586 & Krum, MP Ancient, Dee-1, Sherrod White

Apr 13, 201956 minutes

New music by Peace 586 & Krum, MP Ancient, Dee-1, Sherrod White.

Feature artist is Peace 586, so we're flashing back to his crew in the early 90s.


"The Movement" by MP Ancient ft. Sadat X, Jia Davis "Hallelujah" by Sole Option ft. Brad Sabat "Look Like" by Oakbridge ft. Jabs "Lazy Susan" by The Battery ft. Christon Gray, Taelor Gray "Got That Hunger" by Scribling Idiots ft. KJ-52 "Bad Advice" by Social Club Misfits "On Tonight" by Jon Corbin "Diamond Boss" by Peace 586 "I Don't Know" by Sherrod White "Praises of Men" by Die-Rek "I Know God" by Dee-1 "Finna Be" by The Battery ft. Propaganda "A Touch of Soul" by Freedom of Soul "Fonke 4 U" by Fonke Knomaads "Record Store Day" by Ozay Moore "Smoke Signals N Morse Code" by Peace 586 ft. Krum "Bitter Old Man" by MP Ancient

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2019/3/30 - New music by Farai Katiyo, A.I. and Gowe ... and we play what you voted for

Mar 30, 201956 minutes

Real hip hop by Christian artists

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