2017/4/29 - Sevin, The Procussions, Brethren, LPG... on the theme train

Apr 28, 201756 minutes

What's the theme on this show? Is it war? ...nah really? ...or is it something deeper? Tell us what you think on our facebook/twitter.

"Cold War" by muzeOne "Winning the War" by Joey the Jerk "Fight Here" by The Procussions "How Ya Livin'" by Ozay Moore "Freedom Fighters" by Krum "Urban Warfare" by Fortune "War Party" by RedCloud "First to Fight" by LPG "Punchlines" by Doppelgängers "War (Inside)" by MP Ancient "Righteous War" by Sevin "Get Over" by Move Merchants "Struggle Remix" by Izzy n The Profit "For This Life" by Eternia "Fight Club" by Brethren "Warfare" by Berto Ramon

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