Everyone Is Warlocks: Conflux 05

May 24, 2019160 minutes

Jack: Game Master John: Hedon-Tiefling Noble Mara: Orillia Everns-Human Archaeologist Nikki: Diamond-Earth Genasi Folk Hero Jeremy: Corashana Thavakri-Kalashtar Sage William: Wotan Saltspray-Dwarven Pirate Erin: Mayja-Loxodon Apothecary Koty: Coal Isthasy-Shifter Urchin

Everyone Is Warlocks: Conflux 04

May 24, 2019148 minutes

Welcome back to the Great Game

Everyone Is Warlocks: Conflux 03

May 24, 2019174 minutes

Welcome to the Great Game

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