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Host of the Soyless Matt Show.

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Dame Pesos Live, #DeactiDay, Bautista Bashes Disney, Can't Abort the Retort, + More

Aug 18, 2018196 minutes

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Dame Pesos' Soyless Friday Night, Alex Jones Trap Lust Bust?, + More

Aug 25, 2018205 minutes

Dame Pesos Returns for a special Soyless Friday Night.

Salty Sargon on Tilt as Bloody Sunday Approaches, Weekender News, + More

Sep 15, 2018214 minutes

A history lesson on Sargonism.

Bloody Sunday Supershow

Sep 17, 2018192 minutes

The Bloody Sunday finale.

Warski Starts Fire, Metokur Declares War on Skeptics

Oct 21, 2018331 minutes

Alea iacta est.

Kekistani Killer 2?, James Fields Found Guilty, PewDiePie Goes Off, + Dame Pesos

Dec 8, 2018186 minutes

Subscribe to PewDiePie.

Tampon String Sting, Gamestop & The LGBT Community, + Dame Pesos Live

Dec 29, 2018166 minutes

Just sell the vape juice.

Andy Warski & Dame Live, Running Squaw Tonka, + Pitchford the Pedo?

Jan 12, 2019197 minutes

Under Pressure.

The Downfall of Ian Miles Cheong

Feb 2, 2019178 minutes

The End of Ian.

Pesos & Masterson Live From Miami

Mar 16, 201989 minutes

Miami Madness.

Sargon Set to Run for Office, Baked Bashes Alt-Right, + Mueller Report In

Mar 23, 2019160 minutes

Mueller Christmas.

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