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Metokur's MundaneMatt Opus

Aug 13, 2018261 minutes


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Jay Dyer Live, Vegas Shooting, Hollywood Sickos, MundaneMatt's Tumblr Apology, + More

Aug 17, 2018280 minutes

Jay Dyer stops by the #Killstream + we talk about Candid shills.

VDARE's Peter Brimelow Live, + Devon Tracey Roasts MundaneMatt Live

Aug 17, 2018284 minutes

VDARE's Peter Brimelow + Devon Tracey

Red Ice's Lana Lokteff

Aug 18, 201863 minutes

Lana Lokteff joins us for a special 1 hour episode.

Harmful Opinions & Mister Metokur

Aug 21, 2018146 minutes

Metokur + Harmful Opinions: A Candid Conversation

Dame Pesos' Soyless Friday Night, Alex Jones Trap Lust Bust?, + More

Aug 25, 2018205 minutes

Dame Pesos Returns for a special Soyless Friday Night.

The Limits of Patience

Sep 2, 2018158 minutes

Vee's destruction.

RIP Terry Davis, NY Times Continues White Hate, Trump vs Canada, + More

Sep 1, 2018181 minutes

Glow in the dark.

Alex Jones Storms Capitol Hill, "Lodestar" Op-Ed, Comicsgate Kerfuffle, + More

Sep 6, 2018197 minutes

1776 has commenced again.

Sargon Attacks Metokur, Sherratt's Lauren Southern Obsession, + Bunty Responds

Sep 11, 2018227 minutes

Ill-suited Sargon + Psycho Sherratt

MundaneMatt Cries Dox, Lauren Responds, EU is Cancer, + Breitbart Busts Google

Sep 13, 2018203 minutes

The Age of Boulders.

Skeptics Last Stand - Sargon Seems to Threaten Metokur Dox Stream

Sep 14, 2018222 minutes

The storm before the storm.

Salty Sargon on Tilt as Bloody Sunday Approaches, Weekender News, + More

Sep 15, 2018214 minutes

A history lesson on Sargonism.

Sargon's Surprise Boomer Fail

Sep 16, 2018200 minutes

The Don's Disaster.

Bloody Sunday Supershow

Sep 17, 2018192 minutes

The Bloody Sunday finale.

"Academics" Attack YouTube Free Speech, Sargon's Response, + Jared Holt Hilarity

Sep 19, 2018191 minutes

When radical feminists attack.

Eichenwald Insanity, Kraut Spergs, Rekieta Law on Cody Wilson, + Furry Degeneracy

Sep 21, 2018186 minutes

If only you knew how bad things really are...

Sad Sargon Retires, MundaneMatt's Joke Apology, + More

Sep 25, 2018183 minutes

Press F to Pay Respects.

Cosby in Jail, Snoregon Fears the Graveyard, + Male Feminist Journo Accused of Abuse

Sep 26, 2018184 minutes

The weak should fear the strong.

Kavanaugh Hearing, Huge Healstream Saturday, + Coach Red Pill vs KingOfPol Recording

Sep 27, 2018187 minutes

Listen and (dis)believe.

Metokur vs Fake Ross, Healstream Fallout, Furry Degeneracy + More

Oct 2, 2018242 minutes

You require more vespene gas.

BetterHelp Scam Scandal (Boogie2988, Metokur, Keemstar, & Warski ALL LIVE)

Oct 4, 2018265 minutes

Boogie enters the #Killstream.

Kegs for Kavanaugh Confirmation, Breaking BetterHelp, Weekender, + More

Oct 6, 2018216 minutes

Have a cold one for Kav's confirmation.

PewDiePie vs BetterHelp, Metokur vs Some Dude, Warski vs Tonka, + Zulu Alliance

Oct 10, 2018246 minutes

Dishonest Diogenes Disemboweled.

Venti Ex-BF Leaks, O'Keefe Strikes, Google Censors, + More

Oct 11, 2018194 minutes

I looked good!!!

Sargon of Akkad Live, + Mister Metokur

Oct 12, 2018222 minutes

The Sargon Season Finale.

YouTube Died Edition

Oct 17, 2018239 minutes

Nasim's Revenge.

Metokur Mocks Kiwi Farms "Dox," Election News, + More

Oct 19, 2018228 minutes

Jim Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Warski Starts Fire, Metokur Declares War on Skeptics

Oct 21, 2018331 minutes

Alea iacta est.

Sargon & Vee Salt Session, Metokur Muted by DDoS, Tonka v Zidan, + More

Oct 23, 2018246 minutes

Third World Wonders.

Avenatti Loses, Trump Trolls Obama, StoneToss Live, + Caravan Insanity

Oct 24, 2018222 minutes

Creepy Porn Lawyer btfo'd.

Richard Spencer Live, Dick Masterson Co-Hosting, #MAGABomber, + Eric Striker

Oct 25, 2018230 minutes

You never know what's going to happen on the #Killstream.

Megyn Kelly Canned, Dr. Phil's Ethnostate, Masterson Returns, + Warski/Tonka

Oct 26, 2018213 minutes

Dr. Phil's Ethnostate.

Mark Collett & Masterson Live, Cesar Sayoc, + Bezos Loses Billions

Oct 27, 2018222 minutes

The Weekender.

Too Hot for YouTube (aka Fuck the Wall Street Journal)

Nov 3, 2018254 minutes

The Exodus.

The Beginning of the Beginning

Nov 4, 2018173 minutes

Day One continues.

Midterm Election Extravaganza

Nov 7, 2018375 minutes

Decision Day.

Fake Skeptic Outrage, Yoree Koh Speaks, Warski's Kick, + The Weekender

Nov 10, 2018185 minutes

Hypocrisy overload.

CNN Sues Trump, Brexit Deal?, Laughable StreamMe Move Backlash, + More

Nov 14, 2018181 minutes

The ride continues.

The Kekistan Killer

Nov 19, 2018151 minutes

Gamers rise up.

Kekistani Killer 2?, James Fields Found Guilty, PewDiePie Goes Off, + Dame Pesos

Dec 8, 2018186 minutes

Subscribe to PewDiePie.

PewDiePie Under Media Attack, + Indigo White Live

Dec 11, 2018165 minutes

Play the video!

South Africa Thieves Move Forward, Ann Coulter Under Fire, + PewDiePie vs Bernstein

Dec 13, 2018161 minutes

Australia's National Livestream.

Zidan Returns, Mushroom Cult Lawsuit?, Sargon BTFO'd, + YouTube's Anti-Spam Op

Dec 14, 2018168 minutes

The Butcher comes home.

Ramzpaul Live, Alex Jones Says Subscribe to PewDiePie, + War on Tucker

Dec 19, 2018154 minutes

Build the Wall.

Cameron vs Fuentes Live, Farewell Syria, Facebook Disaster + Rogan on Sargon/Patreon

Dec 20, 2018208 minutes

A Bloodsports Christmas.

A Gay Ops Christmas

Dec 22, 2018170 minutes

I guess they do miss.

Enoch & McNabb Live, Shitrat's Shitty Christmas, + MundaneMatt Denies Flagging

Dec 27, 2018184 minutes

Kicked out for Christmas.

Tampon String Sting, Gamestop & The LGBT Community, + Dame Pesos Live

Dec 29, 2018166 minutes

Just sell the vape juice.

New Year's Eve + The Top Ten Moments Of 2018

Jan 1, 2019183 minutes

A #Killstream Countdown.

Kraut Leaks Part 2, Donga the Coward, + Yellow Vests Go Wild

Jan 8, 2019134 minutes

SPCC state of mind.

Andy Warski & Dame Live, Running Squaw Tonka, + Pitchford the Pedo?

Jan 12, 2019197 minutes

Under Pressure.

Tonka Can't Melt Steel Beams

Jan 16, 2019512 minutes

Native burial ground.

Victory Party

Jan 22, 2019163 minutes

Surreality continues.

Tonka Going to Jail? Secret Audio Recording, + Baked Challenge Response (Reupload)

Jan 23, 2019247 minutes

Donga not prison people.

Maduro on the Brink, BuzzFeed Layoffs, Donga Watch, + Stolen Valor Indian

Jan 24, 2019163 minutes

Shitrat's incel uprising.

Dick Masterson Presents

Jan 25, 2019191 minutes

Dick Overload.

The Downfall of Ian Miles Cheong

Feb 2, 2019178 minutes

The End of Ian.

Mercedes Carrera Child Molestation Shock, More Virginia Dem Blackface, + More

Feb 7, 2019172 minutes

Depends on the Age of the Child.

Jesse Lee Peterson & Dick Masterson Live

Feb 19, 2019205 minutes


John Wayne Trashed By Twitter, YouTube Pedo Problem?, Keemstar Live, + Bernie's Back

Feb 20, 2019120 minutes

The Duke Gets Cancelled.

Bourbon, Boomers, & Bullshit

Feb 21, 2019181 minutes

The Knoxville Fallout Krew.

Rekieta & Masterson Live, + StreamMe Sunsets Self: The Inside Story

Mar 5, 2019154 minutes

The Resurrection.

R. Kelly Jailed Again, Trump Backtracks on Syria, StreamMe, + Dielawn

Mar 7, 2019175 minutes

Tism Talks, We Listen.

Dankula Interview, Smollett Catches 16 Felonies, SPCC Update, + Metro Mendacity

Mar 9, 2019152 minutes

The Count Come to Kill...TRR Tonight.

Pesos & Masterson Live From Miami

Mar 16, 201989 minutes

Miami Madness.

Sri Lanka Massacre, Baked Bashed, Sargon Kills UKIP, + More

Apr 23, 2019151 minutes

Baked Alaska, One Year Later.

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