Episode 44: Season 3: David Schuman's Interview With Elite QB Coach Lamar Mcknight

Jan 12, 201962 minutes

Episode 44: Success For Life Podcast with Elite QB Coach Lamar Mcknight @lamarmcknight Twitter @lamarmcknight Instagram @nucfootball on twitter @nuc_football on instagram @daveschuman on instagram

discuss what it takes to become a great QB. how lamar built his QB training business in such a short time period. What it takes to be successful as someone starting out and how to build on your momentum and opportunity. See more videos like these at www.nucsports.com. If you are an athlete looking to get your name out there go to www.nucsports.com/prospect and fill out the info to go directly to over 5000 college coaches for FREE.

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Topics discussed:

  1. Getting Clients
  2. Getting After It Now
  3. Becoming a Bonafide Expert in a Short Time
  4. Helping other Create That Pro Mentality

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