Episode 72 -Dreaming of goodbyes with Jay Mutzafi

Mar 2, 201662 minutes


Lucid Sage

Hosts: Chris, Sara, Klint

plans for 2016: gardening, bread making, lucid dreaming

— Sara M. Watson (@smwat) January 5, 2016

“Flying is the gateway drug for lucid dreaming.” - Chris

Episode 24 – Philosopher Evan Thompson

Episode 14 – Dream Yoga with Andrew Holecek

Episode 25 – Dream Researcher Kelly Bulkeley

Lucid Subreddit

Oculus Rift third person perspective and lucid dreaming

“Video games change the way you dream”

Lucid dreaming and video games

Memory Palaces

Occulus Subreddit on “presence”

False Awakening

dreams about cracking the glass on your iphone are the new dreams about losing your teeth

— Rachel Whitaker (@rwhitak) October 18, 2011

Sleep and Dream Database

Dreamboard app

Samata meditation

“On Zoloft, Inception Is Real”

“The Effects of Antidepressants on Sleep”

REM Rebound

“Gravitational Waves Exist”(!)



Sleep paralysis

“Slumber with a key” like Dali

Devil on the chest, night hags

[ embed image http://41.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lh05bwBByo1qd7ygho1_1280.jpg ]

“Mark Zuckerberg on your chest.”

Huperzine A

B. Alan Wallace

Within 3 days Time https://t.co/XsnVK27xYl & Guardian https://t.co/WYJTGgngTW say Technology&Mindfulness destory us pic.twitter.com/khRHOZe2Cb

— Chris Dancy (@chrisdancy) January 23, 2016

“Technology Is Destroying Our Inner Lives”

“Is mindfulness making us ill?”

Dark Night of the Soul

Sara’s Tow Center Technology Criticism research

World Economic Forum on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

danah boyd on Davos: “It’s not Cyberspace anymore.”

Kirby Ferguson’s “This is Not a Conspiracy Theory”


Sara on depicting technology in cinema

Episode 13 – The Future of Lucid Dreaming

On dream incubation vs. lucid dreaming

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If not Donnie and Marie, how about Tina and Cher?

Shame, Shame, Shame




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