19 - The Central Park Zoo Escape Hoax

Oct 2, 201748 minutes

Gus has the segments and brings you ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott's daughter flipping him the bird over same sex marriage, an ESPN reporter who did his first and last sideline NFL gig, and a firefighter who made a profile pic for his swingers profile at work. Following this, you're treated to an airport Poos in the News and another round of Uber-themed One Star Reservoir. Finally, Rig goes bang with an all-time story about how the New York Herald lost their proverbial minds in 1874 and reported that all animals had broken out of Central Park Zoo, featuring the fight the people have always asked for, Giraffe vs Anaconda on 97th St.

18 - The Worst All-You-Can-Eat Promotion in History

Sep 25, 201759 minutes

Gus tells Rig the story of the Red Lobster 'Endless Crab' disaster.

17 - Wendy's and the Fricasseed Finger Chilli Fiasco

Sep 19, 201744 minutes

Rig talks about the lady who sued over a finger in her Wendy's chilli.

16 - Australian Army vs Australian Emus (The Great Emu War)

Sep 10, 201752 minutes

Gus tells Rig the story of when Emus beat the Australian Army.

15 - The Ad That Cost $700 Million

Sep 3, 201753 minutes

Rig tells the story of a racist ad that cost a company $700million.

14 - Typhoid Mary, History's Most Infectious Chef

Aug 28, 201756 minutes

Gus tells Rig the story of Irish accidental killer, Typhoid Mary.

13 - The Schnapps Slaughter

Aug 20, 201750 minutes

Rig tells the 1778 yarn of how two drunk soldiers caused 5,000 deaths.

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