Anime Is Cartoons

Oct 10, 201778 minutes


Sometimes we agree on the same things...this is not one of those times. Also Dave got a jar of Mayo signed by a twitch streamer...we lead boring yet weird lives. We're also joining the Extra Life Community this year! As we prepare for our 24hr livestream, come JOIN OUR TEAM or DONATE!

Link Dump:

Come Check Us Out At Space Time Taco

I Bought A SNES Classic

Oct 2, 201762 minutes

I Also Got A Mario Odyssey Hat!

Grandma Sex

Sep 27, 201769 minutes

Who Let The Orange Into Our Sports?

Giving Glamping A New Meaning

Sep 18, 201759 minutes

Schfifty Five

Sep 13, 201774 minutes

Let's Not Make American Anime Movies

Sep 4, 201766 minutes

Seriously Stop It

You Can't Edit Live

Aug 30, 201763 minutes

I Am The Immortal Iron Fist

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