Call Of Duty Goes Boots On The Ground

Apr 24, 201768 minutes

This week, new music from the Gorillaz, we talk about stuff Nate normally would stop / derail us from, SNES Mini rumours, but most importantly Dave saw Nickelback live...he must never live this down...if only we had a photograph to look at.

Link Dump:

Finger Magic / Respect The Rhombus

Apr 10, 201768 minutes

I Couldn't Pick A Single Title So You Get Both

Space Time Talko Episode XXXVIII: The Fandom Menace

Apr 3, 201768 minutes

I'm So Sorry

Power Rangers Doesn't Need Rotten Tomatoes

Mar 27, 201773 minutes

Long Episode But Worth It!

Iron Fisted

Mar 20, 201765 minutes

A Gaming-Lite Episode

Everybody Loves Zelda

Mar 6, 201758 minutes

Nintendo Make Amiibo Great Again

Ghost Recon or Glitch Recon

Feb 27, 201772 minutes

Google,, Dr Pepper Please Sponsor

PewDiePie Politics

Feb 21, 201770 minutes

Politics, For Honor, And More Switch Talk

Avoid Contact If You Have An Open Wound

Feb 13, 201767 minutes

Ingredients: Salt, Dr Pepper, Qdoba, Subtle Racism

THE FUTURE!: 2017 Edition

Feb 6, 201795 minutes

This is a LONG one

Fruck You 2017

Jan 29, 201760 minutes

Drama! Comedy! Terror! None are contained inside this episode.

Let's Reboot Rebout

Jan 23, 201757 minutes

The Gang Is All Here

Nintendo Switches Things Up

Jan 16, 201781 minutes

Now With A 3rd Less Hosting

2016: At Least Entertainment Was Good

Jan 3, 201796 minutes

We Talk Our Favorite Games, Movies, And TV For 2016

Spoiler Time Talko - Rogue One

Dec 27, 201637 minutes

*This Podcast Contains Nothing But Spoilers*

We Be Burnin' Bridges

Dec 19, 201677 minutes

Gilmore Girls is Emotional AF

The One With The Bad Intro

Dec 12, 201677 minutes

I Think We're Finally Losing It...Send Help

And Gurren Lagann

Dec 6, 201670 minutes

The Most Off Topic Episode Ever

Sexy Panda Druid Deck

Nov 28, 201661 minutes

A Polite Conversation

High Chaos Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 201658 minutes

*Contains Minor Dishonored 2 Spoilers*

Lol You Said Doodie

Nov 14, 201665 minutes

You wouldn't believe the content I had to cut from this one...

Our Top 5 Favorite Games

Nov 7, 201679 minutes

Spoiler Alert: Bethesda Is BAE

Does Call of Duty Is Dead?

Nov 1, 201673 minutes

The Gang's All Here!


Oct 24, 201651 minutes

So Much TV So Little Time

Presenting R-Kyleigh On Disney Channel

Oct 17, 201682 minutes

Starring Rylo Ken

Genetically Curved Bananas

Oct 10, 201687 minutes

Long one this week...We enjoy talking too much sometimes

Lord Saladhead's Kuh-nuh-machete

Oct 3, 201669 minutes

Go Watch Luke Cage, Then Listen To This

Kickstarter Is A Place Of Lies

Sep 26, 201683 minutes

An Episode Rife With "Technical Difficulties"

Anger: The Path To The Dark Side

Sep 20, 201674 minutes

This Podcast Gets A Little Heated

Shawshank Redemption And Absolutely ZERO Prague

Sep 12, 201677 minutes

We For Some Reason Had An Entire Topic Just For Nate To Talk

Sorry, Not Sorry Nate

Sep 7, 201671 minutes

Games, TV, not so subtle hints that someone has gone on for too long

Silence Of The Hitler

Aug 29, 201663 minutes

SPOILERS for...everything?

You Always Go For Cats

Aug 22, 201650 minutes

Our Shortest Episode Yet!

All The Way Around The Rim

Aug 15, 201670 minutes

Minus One Guy, But Our First Guest!

Suicide Squad And A Slow Week

Aug 9, 201679 minutes

We Saw And Spoiler The Crap Out Of Suicide Squad

This Episode Is Dumpster Out Of Five

Aug 1, 201661 minutes

We SOMEHOW manage to keep a conversation going!

Nate Spoils Life Is Strange Episode 3

Jul 25, 201693 minutes

I'd say another 2 or 3 episodes and we'll have it down!

We're Not Putting Titles On Things

Jul 20, 201685 minutes

Something happened on the way to a podcast

Post E3 Extravaganza!

Jul 20, 201668 minutes

Were any of our predictions right? Or do we get sidetracked...a LOT

PrE3 Discussion

Jul 19, 2016105 minutes

Theories, Hopes, Dreams for E3 2016

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