Presenting R-Kyleigh On Disney Channel

Oct 17, 201683 minutes

Starring Rylo Ken

Genetically Curved Bananas

Oct 10, 201688 minutes

Long one this week...We enjoy talking too much sometimes

Lord Saladhead's Kuh-nuh-machete

Oct 3, 201670 minutes

Go Watch Luke Cage, Then Listen To This

Kickstarter Is A Place Of Lies

Sep 26, 201683 minutes

An Episode Rife With "Technical Difficulties"

Anger: The Path To The Dark Side

Sep 20, 201675 minutes

This Podcast Gets A Little Heated

Shawshank Redemption And Absolutely ZERO Prague

Sep 12, 201678 minutes

We For Some Reason Had An Entire Topic Just For Nate To Talk

Sorry, Not Sorry Nate

Sep 7, 201672 minutes

Games, TV, not so subtle hints that someone has gone on for too long

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