Sorry, Not Sorry Nate

Sep 7, 201672 minutes

Games, TV, not so subtle hints that someone has gone on for too long

Silence Of The Hitler

Aug 29, 201664 minutes

SPOILERS for...everything?

You Always Go For Cats

Aug 22, 201651 minutes

Our Shortest Episode Yet!

All The Way Around The Rim

Aug 15, 201671 minutes

Minus One Guy, But Our First Guest!

Suicide Squad And A Slow Week

Aug 9, 201680 minutes

We Saw And Spoiler The Crap Out Of Suicide Squad

This Episode Is Dumpster Out Of Five

Aug 1, 201662 minutes

We SOMEHOW manage to keep a conversation going!

Nate Spoils Life Is Strange Episode 3

Jul 25, 201694 minutes

I'd say another 2 or 3 episodes and we'll have it down!

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