Let's Reboot Rebout

Jan 23, 201758 minutes

The Gang Is All Here

Nintendo Switches Things Up

Jan 16, 201782 minutes

Now With A 3rd Less Hosting

2016: At Least Entertainment Was Good

Jan 3, 201797 minutes

We Talk Our Favorite Games, Movies, And TV For 2016

Spoiler Time Talko - Rogue One

Dec 27, 201638 minutes

*This Podcast Contains Nothing But Spoilers*

We Be Burnin' Bridges

Dec 19, 201678 minutes

Gilmore Girls is Emotional AF

The One With The Bad Intro

Dec 12, 201678 minutes

I Think We're Finally Losing It...Send Help

And Gurren Lagann

Dec 6, 201671 minutes

The Most Off Topic Episode Ever

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