High Chaos Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 201659 minutes

*Contains Minor Dishonored 2 Spoilers*

Lol You Said Doodie

Nov 14, 201666 minutes

You wouldn't believe the content I had to cut from this one...

Our Top 5 Favorite Games

Nov 7, 201680 minutes

Spoiler Alert: Bethesda Is BAE

Does Call of Duty Is Dead?

Nov 1, 201674 minutes

The Gang's All Here!


Oct 24, 201652 minutes

So Much TV So Little Time

Presenting R-Kyleigh On Disney Channel

Oct 17, 201683 minutes

Starring Rylo Ken

Genetically Curved Bananas

Oct 10, 201688 minutes

Long one this week...We enjoy talking too much sometimes

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