Episode 62 - Kevin Shanks

Feb 12, 2019170 minutes


I talk with Kevin Shanks, former guest on the show and host of the podcast Nobody Asked You, Kevin! We start off a little deep discussing the perception of time as we age, we talk about the YouTube Premium show Wayne a bit, Kevin talks about tattoos and live music. At some point I float the idea of a penis clothing line to make dick pics a little classier.

Fuck, dude. It's a StarkCast episode. It goes all over the place and writing an episode summary for this stuff is just weird as fuck to lay out in a linear fashion. It sounds crazy. Anyway I got my mixer figured out so it sounds pretty good. It's got that going for it. Plus Kevin is awesome and you should check out his podcast!

Kevin's Podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/nobody-asked-you-kevin

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