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Episode 6 - David Isaac

Mar 12, 2017180 minutes


Hello, all! I've got another fun one for you today. I got the opportunity to chat with David Isaac. David is a co-host on the show Tales From the Yard. We talk about Batman for a bit before the conversation takes a very serious turn and we discuss religion for a while before getting back into pop culture, some rants, and day-to-day life situations of raising children vs turning to canibalism.

It was so much fun to chat with David and I hope you enjoy listening!

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Episode 34 - David Isaac, Eric Marable, Kyle Kohl

Jan 19, 2018196 minutes

Ancient Aliens, magic crystals, and drunken escapades!!

Episode 51 - David Isaac

Apr 23, 2018175 minutes

Being an adult mostly sucks.

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