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Episode 2 - Jordan Lekan

Feb 11, 2017163 minutes


This was a fun one folks! Couldn't have been happier to get to have a chat with Jordan from The Supercast. We talk about DC Rebirth, DCEU movies, the upcoming Power Rangers movie and a lot more. Jordan also helps me earn that explicit rating on this episode. Hope you enjoy!

Note: The last thirty minutes or so may sound a little off on Jordans end of the conversation. His heater had started to run in the background and removing that particular sound slightly effected the audio quality just a little bit.

Episode 20 - Jordan Lekan

Oct 7, 2017198 minutes

It has the Comic Cast guys in it.

Episode 23 - Jordan Lekan, Sturdy, Eric Wade

Nov 4, 2017182 minutes

Conspiracy Theories

Episode 50 - Rod Claerbout, Jordan Lekan

Apr 13, 2018175 minutes

Comic Talk... Mostly

Episode 54 - Comic Talk - The Hard Place

May 11, 2018200 minutes

Comic Talk - The Hard Place

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