Episode 14: Baloney and Shekels

Nov 3, 201493 minutes

Hey! The Death Panel got some new mics, thanks to your generous patronage. Take a listen to the results.

A huge show this week, we interview Morrakiu, the creator of The Merchant Minute! Also, an all new Shitlord Report and Chateau Autiste.

High Time Preference Rundown:

  • 0:00 Intro/”In Auschwitz” by Morrakiu
  • 3:30 TRS Mailbag
  • 18:04 Inside The Anti-Semite’s Studio – A Conversation with Morrakiu
  • 28:45 The Shitlord Report with Holly Himmler
  • 33:40 Shoshanna, England, and the fall of Europe
  • 52:15 Le Chateau Autiste
  • 58:55 The Phony Baloney Mid-Term Election
  • 1:14:30 Quarantines and FEMA Camps: A Teachable Moment
  • 1:24:44 The Merchant Minute

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