TDS166: Awesome Post! Great Job!

Jun 27, 2017145 minutes

The Death Panel are joined by Jazzhands McFeels to discuss how bad the Trumpenreich actually is for shitlibs and the terrible reality that they face each and every day on the wrong side of history.

D’Nations or via PP to The Right Stuff PO Box 1069 Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

Death Panelists: Mike Enoch, Sven, Alex McNabb and special guest Jazzhands McFeels

How bad this is for shitlibs Why we vet immigrants (((Brett Stevens))) Statue Posting The Bernie Bro Question Who Shot The Majority Whi-- Ah who cares amirite? 1:17:20 Break "Richard Spencer" 1:11:15 D'nations DC Free Speech Event ft. Dank Jew in a Trump Kippah (fking based!) Vice Journalists: Why Cant Trannies Get Laid???? 1:56:20 Dr. Narcan 2:11:40 The Merchant Minute

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