TDS168: 4th of July Best-Of

Jul 4, 2017152 minutes

Happy Independence Day! The Death Panel will return later this week, but for now enjoy this lovingly curated series of clips from episodes past.

INTRO: The Paradox Of Our Time 6:50 iAnal Bill Of rights 35:23 Le Chateau Autiste: 2D Women Are Better 39:25 The Alt-Right/Hotep Alliance 1:05:25 The Shitlord Report: Go Redskins! 1:07:40 The #2 Podcast on TRS 1:21:37 Jim & Star Trek 1:28:25 Henry Rollins: Real Man 1:30:52 Bill Nye the Weimar Guy 1:44:51 DeFoo the Jew! 1:52:51 Ben Shapiro: Trans Boomer 1:54:58 The Original Standard Pool Party! 2:23:36 The Merchant Minute: Morrakiu’s 23andMe

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