Episode 27: The Gayest Shoah Ever!

Apr 6, 2015172 minutes

Introducing Duke Godwin to the Death Panel! The Gayest Shoah Ever! Featuring Chateau Autiste, The Merchant Minute and lots of other gay stuff.

0:00 Intro7:20 TRS Mailbag14:40 Paul Kersey discussion38:50 Good Goy Seventh Sonstein/Jersey Guy49:10 De-stigmatizing Pedophilia.1:14:55 Chateau Autiste1:23:30 Gay Cakes1:47:30 Rolling Stone’s Fake Rape1:57:48 Dumbledore is a faggot/TRS Literary review2:13:00 The Merchant Minute2:17:47 Iran (so far away)2:40:00 Bulbasaur Rejoins us for more Audio shitposting

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