The Daily Shoah! Ep 60: It Is The Current Episode

Nov 24, 2015152 minutes

UPDATE The download and RSS links are working again. Must have been a glitch timed to coincide with my posting. Jews did this.

Mike, SS, and Ghoul discuss silly C4SS getting trolled, liberals signalling how much they love Syrians, conferences, and the whereabouts of Moonman.

  • 0:00 Richard Spencer (Whites, Whites, Baby)
  • 6:00 90's Fashion/Moonman?
  • 13:20 TRSCon
  • 19:00 D'nations
  • 24:15 #TerroristsWelcome
  • 1:12:20 14 Words Vine
  • 1:18:45 Refugee Signalarity
  • 2:05:45 White Student Unions
  • 2:15:30 The Merchant Minute

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