Episode 94: Amazon SubPrime

Sep 14, 2017158 minutes

This week we address whether craft beer makes you gay and other tough email questions, give advice on buying a house, and further discuss murdering tiny animals.

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Hour 1

  • Bantzola
  • We kill more animals just to spite the comment section
  • The Fall Guy (no it's not Hitler)
  • Professional Killjoys
  • Episodic vs Serialized
  • House hunting
  • Amazon SubPrime
  • Boomer bait
  • Pat Sajak is the Last American Man
  • The Gong Show

Break: Buck Owens - Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer

Hour 2

  • DICK'nations
  • Retrotech and globalism
  • REE Drummond
  • A Day Without A Boomer
  • Polish Waifu?
  • A passionate defense of hops
  • Money
  • Advice for new dads
  • The return of the Poz Button

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