Episode 87: Angery Dads

Jul 26, 2017168 minutes


This week Jim doesn't eat dinner before the show and is super angery. We talk about vasectomies, the SkyMall, and Jewish ice cream.

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Hour 1

  • Salty Jim and the Chamber of Beers
  • Land, homes, and heat
  • Once a family man, always a family man
  • Angry reacts
  • Cooling towel and sky mall
  • Pantsposting
  • Come home black man, come home

Hour 2

  • D'nations, letters, and birthday cards
  • The VQ (Vasectomy Question)
  • The world would be better with retards
  • The FDQ (Fertility Drug Question)
  • Ban porn
  • Ice cream is Jewish
  • Off the rails again

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