Episode 112: Needle in a Shit Stack

Jan 20, 2018141 minutes

This week Ryan returns! Sam returns! Jim newscucks Sven! And we talk about making schnapps, potty training, and artisanal, authentic Three-Card Monte.

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Host: Jim The Mannerbund: EP Bradan O'Fahey, Scoutmaster Joe, Otto Skorzeny, Sam, Ryan Nation of One Intern: Borzoi

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Hour 1

  • Tom Petty's autopsy
  • Ryan update
  • Leasing vs buying cars
  • More cars
  • Sous-vide and brewing
  • Moonshine Schnapps

Break: Seeburg 1000

Hour 2

  • Gettin' hygge with it
  • Hipster Three-Card Monte
  • Testosterone and trains
  • Tide Pod Challenge
  • Epiphany
  • Potty training
  • Joe's Baptism Story
  • Don't look forward in anger
  • Job woes

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