Episode 90: Blackberg and the Usury Pirates

Aug 17, 2017133 minutes

This week Jim recaps AmRen, we discuss tricky kids, spanking and nature vs. nurture.

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Host: Jim The Mannerbund: Otto Skorzeny, Scoutmaster Joe, Ryan Hans-Hermann Half-Hapa Intern: Borzoi

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Hour 1

  • Vacation and Amren post-mortem
  • Being a dad when the Shitlord Corps marches to war
  • Ryan reignites the spanking debate
  • Arguing with chicken is like arguing with a feminist
  • Differences of sons and daughters
  • Children's tricks

Break: "Tennessee Waltz" - Connie Francis

Hour 2

  • A wild Frost Giant appears
  • D'nations
  • Kinder eggs
  • The Fatherland Hatreon
  • Blackberg and the Usury Pirates
  • Friends for children and fathers
  • The CHYLTARPQ (Children Hearing You Listen To Alt-Right Podcasts Question)
  • Nature vs nurture
  • Drunk robot Jim

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