Episode 74: Off the Rails

Apr 26, 2017149 minutes


This week we talk about taking your kids to church, warn you kids about hearing loss and check the email bag.

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Host: Jim The Mannerbund: EP Bradan O’Fahey, BEGOM CATOLIK Kenny, Joe, SaltySeaman Intern: Borzoi

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Hour 1

  • Kids misbehaving in church
  • Chicken says good night
  • The thing in Cascadia
  • The Fatherland goes completely off the rails
  • Revenge of the Liftingland
  • Fastfoodposting and a riveting debate on fried chicken
  • Somehow we get back to the Cascadia thing
  • Hearing loss

Break: Jo Stafford - "You Belong to Me"

Hour 2

  • Object permanence and children
  • D'nations
  • Email Time With the Mannerbund
  • Having kids is hard
  • Building the alternative society

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