Episode 82: Nazicise

Jun 21, 2017147 minutes


This week fan favorite guest Sam returns! We talk about how to Nazicise, the problems in the catholic church and of course more cringe-worthy Sam topics.

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Hour 1

  • Happy Father's Day from the Mannerbund
  • "I have nothing to say"
  • Boxing
  • Exercising like a Nazi
  • The Mannerbund debates the attractiveness of Crossfit girls
  • The bantz get hot and heavy

Break: Harry Choates and his Fiddle - "Cajun Hop"

Hour 2

  • Jim's cute kid story
  • D'nations
  • Parkouring Mexicans
  • Cigars
  • Fundies
  • Dr. Sam, white nationalist sex therapist
  • Cigars again (more wholesome this time)
  • Destination churches
  • Tumbling and cheer and wariness of degeneracy

And now a cause we support:

Gentlemen we have been given a great opportunity to live by the 14 words. The organization Suidlanders is coming to the United States and they have requested to meet with us. To honor our guests we are renting a reception hall. This will be the first major formal event Vanguard is having and it is costing us a lot of money. Please donate all that you can. This is an effort that will take all of us putting in everything we have to make it work. We also intend to donate a sum of money to help them defend the white women and children of South Africa. The more generous you are, the more generous we can be. Thank you all.

The official Vanguard PayPal is americanvfinance@gmail.com https://bloodandsoil.org/contribute https://Paypal.me/americanvanguard

Hail Victory,

Commander Dillon.

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