Episode 92: Call of Ryan: Modern Warfare

Aug 31, 2017159 minutes

This week we talk about shaving with a safety razor, how fast your kids grow up, and Ryan weighs in on geopolitics.

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Host: Jim The Mannerbund: Wildcard Kenny, Scoutmaster Joe, Ryan Council of Foreign Relations Shadow Snake: Borzoi

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Hour 1

  • The Worldwide Baking Federation
  • Borzoi life update
  • Stolen Valor
  • Finding pictures of your kids
  • Catholic Zero
  • Amerikwa's Got Talent
  • Back to the White Future
  • Call of Ryan: Modern Warfare
  • CostCo with mountains and dirty Harbor Freights

Break: Edith Piaf - "La Vie En Rose"

Hour 2

  • Drink Rising Sun Coffee
  • D'nations
  • Empireposting
  • Moneyposting
  • The DQ (The Dox Question)
  • Shaving
  • Haggling is not white

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