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Jim Flanders is a guest on The Fatherland

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Jim's Racist Drive-In EP2: To Live and Die in L.A.

Sep 3, 201878 minutes

Jim and Volkstaadt discuss Friedkin's "To Live and Die in L.A.", an intense, relentless neo-noir film.

The IMDB page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090180/

Fun fact I forgot to mention(for those who don't bother clicking through to IMDB): Friedkin insisted on authenticity so they got an actual convicted counterfeiter to show them the process (which is in the movie). The prop money created was so good that some of it got passed around L.A. and the USSS kept finding it, even years later! Friedkin himself admitted to passing the phony bills, for research purposes of course.

Episode 134 - LIve Call-In Show!

Oct 1, 2018162 minutes


Episode 135 - DOMS for Days

Oct 9, 2018148 minutes

Jim takes callers live on Talkshoe and Youtube!

Sundays with Jim Ep 1: Ephesians 6:10-17 (The Armor of God)

Oct 14, 20183 minutes

Jim reads a passage from the Bible (Douay-Rheims).

Episode 136 - Dads, Lads, and Guns

Oct 15, 2018132 minutes

Jim talks with Nike about boomer/zoomer relations, the wife question, guns, and more

Episode 138 - Looking for Love in the Supermarket

Oct 29, 2018152 minutes

Tools, More Real Estate Hell, and of course how to meet Trad Waifu

Episode 137: The Lost Episode

Nov 5, 2018247 minutes

Jim fell asleep so instead here's the missing episode! Sorry for your autism.

Episode 139

Nov 13, 2018212 minutes

Jim wakes up just in time to do the show!

Episode 140 (with Nick B. Steves)

Nov 23, 2018196 minutes

Nick joins Jim to talk about Neoreaction, Thanksgiving, and dad things that come with a large family.

Episode 141: Swan Roundup

Nov 26, 2018200 minutes

Marian Apparitions, Live Advice, and When to Decorate for Xmas

Episode 142: Hook Called It, I Can't Remember

Dec 3, 2018242 minutes

This week: Mono Genocide, Return of Joe

Episode 143: 2 Hours a Day

Dec 17, 2018200 minutes

Jim talks about his new house, finding faith, and getting kids to play outside.

Episode 144

Jan 8, 2019245 minutes

Jim tries to talk about how great it is to be a dad but ends up talking about a lot of other things.

Episode 145: Fair Use

Jan 14, 2019148 minutes

Jim interviews hellfire preacher Fair Use.

Episode 146

Jan 25, 2019272 minutes

Hashtag MAGAkids, buying houses

Episode 147

Jan 28, 2019201 minutes

Fashy GF doxx, OTR trucking

Episode 148: Cheek Meat

Feb 4, 2019180 minutes

appliance repair, food storage, bedroom "accidents"

Episode 149: "Johnny Bidet"

Feb 11, 2019254 minutes

buying used cars, kids fail at tech, bidets

Episode 150: "Do the White Thing"

Feb 19, 2019235 minutes

naps, rental properties, horse girls

Episode 152: "The Rest of the Story"

Mar 12, 2019250 minutes

Wiping ass, mowing grass

Episode 151: "With Walrus Aurelius"

Mar 20, 2019192 minutes

Jim talks with Walrus Aurelius, mostly about being a machinist.

Episode 153: "Fugue State Jim"

Mar 20, 2019215 minutes

Jim talks about memes, gets some of the wildest calls ever

Episode 154: "Dogs Don't Go to Heaven"

Mar 25, 2019241 minutes

Tree surgery and Jesus

Episode 155: "The Florida Sound"

Apr 3, 2019225 minutes

Jim announces a new addition to the family.

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