Sex Happened

Feb 12, 201972 minutes


For our Romance Gone Wrong series, the Ghouls are talking about what happens after sex. They've gotten very serious in their discoveries so be prepared. The Ghouls explore the films It Follows and Contracted to discuss what happens when horror takes a different approach to dealing with rape culture rather than the typical rape revenge films we see so often in horror. Sometimes, its okay to simply survive and get through it. And sometimes, no one can see the monster behind you because they haven't endured what you have and that's okay. The Ghouls school you on how to watch media critically and the importance of being deliberate with what you create.

Talking Points: Media Analysis Glasses, Rape Culture, Rape Revenge, Watch Media Critically, Vagina Maggots, It Follows, David Robert Mitchell, Eric Englund, Female Directors, BELIEVE SURVIVORS, Its About Power, MeToo Movement, Plot Device, Setting the Tone, Goblin Slayer, Contracted, Zombie Film, Lesbians, STDs, and Eli Roth Did it Better.

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