The Moon Landing Hoax, Part 1 S4 EP23

Apr 13, 2019134 minutes

Tonight on the Paranormies we are joined by Alt Skull ( ) to discuss quite a controversial topic: the (alleged) Apollo space program. That's right goys: the moon landing was a hoax. This is just the first part of a multi-part series, as there is so much evidence, so much bullshit, and so many lies to go over we just couldn't fit it into 2 hours. We know this is a hot topic, so stick around, open your mind, and give it a genuine think. You won't be disappointed.

With: Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt

Guest: Alt_Skull

Music Break: MoonMan, by SeventhSon

Creepypasta: Stair Man, read by Bradshaw Wilson

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