The Poz Button 54 - The Chekist

Apr 24, 2018159 minutes

Things get revolutionary this week on the Poz Button, as Leitis returns to the program to talk about communist violence in the Russian film, the Chekist. Join us as we talk about the Bolsheviks, the terror of the Cheka, critique HuffPo LARPers, and have an autistic argument about what is and isn't a revolution.

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  • The Chekist (full movie)

  • Stalker Poz Button

  • Chekist director, Aleksandr Rogozhkin

  • Burnt by the Sun

  • The Pecularities films

  • Anton Chekhov

  • Iron Felix

  • Dekulakization / Holodomor

  • The Cheka

  • Jew scene

  • Peasant rebellions

  • Chris Hedges quote about revolutionary class

  • Correction: It was a Vox writer. Tweet included

  • Gulag Archipelago

  • Chekist poem (Aleksandr Eiduk)


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