Crystal Taylor: The Triangle's "Queen" Curator (Ep. 21 — Season Finale)

Jun 21, 201883 minutes

Few people work harder in the Triangle hip-hop scene than curator, promoter and festival founder Crystal Taylor. Eight weeks away from her third annual Beats N Bars Festival, and four weeks away from having her first child, she came to the Runaway Store for our Season One finale episode. In an almost hour long interview, we covered hip-hop topics near and far: rapping vs. singing, the hardest part of starting a festival, why free activations are so important, getting inspired at Broccoli City in DC, dealing with problematic artists in hip-hop, and much more. Also on this episode: Holland, Ryan and Alex discuss the startling news of XXXTenatacion’s death, as well as the outrageous viral success of Duragfest in Charlotte, NC.

Thank you to everyone who listened to these 21 episodes! We’re excited to come back in the early fall bigger and better. Peace.

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