Rav Izchak Kin: LeKoved Pesach

Mar 29, 201860 minutes

Rav Izchak Kin: LeKoved Pesach

  • Izchak Kin, our esteemed guest rabbi for Pesach this year, teaches the class "Ein Yaakov", in Yiddish, a half hour before Mincha nearly every week day of the year at the venerable Shaarei Tefila Synagogue in Los Angeles. We are thankful to have him on our show. He not only answers our Shayles (questions) about Pesach, but sang us one of over 400 songs he knows as a Modzhitzer Khosid. Enjoy!
  • Greetings and ads from many friends, sponsors, and organizations. Most are new for this year, but three are by and in memory of: Hasia Segal, Iosif Lakhman, and Max Gelerman -- Z"L.
  • Special thanks to our sponsors: Israel Book Shop, The Butcherie Kosher Supermarket, BLER Travel, and Cheryl Ann's of Brookline Bakery
  • Numerous joyous and happy Passover songs.
  • A short excerpt from Rav Myer Loketch's 2007 Pesach presentation, talking about Pesach in Boston's Blue Hill Avenue Shul (formally known as Adas Yeshurin) community, including Moes Chitim campains in days of yore. (Adas Yeshurin wiki - historical info)
  • Intro instrumental music: DEM HELFANDS TANTS, an instrumental track from the CD Jeff Warschauer: The Singing Waltz

Air Date: Mar 28 2018

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