Esia Friedman (Part 1); Hankus Netsky's Latest Album

Jan 31, 201960 minutes

  • Interview with Esia Baran Friedman (Part 1). Esia, a holocaust survivor from Vilna, Lithuania, talks about her family and her childhood in Vilna and surviving the Holocaust. Esia is one the survivors whose testimony is featured in the recent Nova documentary Holocaust Escape Tunnel ( Part 2 of this interview continues next week (Jan 30 2019).
  • Hankus Netsky (pianist, arranger) visited our home studio recently and generously provided us with a preview version of his about-to-be-released album with the violinist and singer Eden MacAdam-Somer. Title as yet unknown. We previewed several new tracks.
  • Music from unreleased album by Hankus Netsky and Eden MacAdam-Somer
  • Intro instrumental music: DEM HELFANDS TANTS, an instrumental track from the CD Jeff Warschauer: The Singing Waltz

Air date: January 23, 2019

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