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Mira Kessler in "Got fun Nekome", Passing of Hasia Segal

Feb 6, 201760 minutes

Mira Kessler is a rising star of the Yiddish theater scene in New York with a major supporting role in the new hit of the season Got fun Nekome (God of Vengeance), now being performed by New Yiddish Rep (http://newyiddishrep.org). We spoke to her by phone this morning.

Hasia Segal o"h: Dovid and Meyer were extremely saddened to announce that Hasia Segal died this past Monday night, January 16, 2017. Hasia (whose name you'll also find spelled Chasia, Chassia, or Khasye, and in English as Harriet) was a co-founder of the Yiddish-language radio show "The Yiddish Voice" (WUNR-1600AM, from 1994 to the present) and its predecessor "The Yiddish Hour" (WBRS-100.1FM, years 1990-1994). Further details were given on the air, and are currently on our web site in the announcement section, here: http://yiddishvoice.com/#announcements In this broadcast we played one of Hasia's segments from our archives, a presentation about the Boston Zionist hero Dewey Stone. We'll be continuing to air segments from Hasia's radio archives in the coming weeks until our Shloyshim (Memorial) program, scheduled for Feb. 15, 2017.

Also: news report from Kol Israel in Jerusalem presented by Avremi Zaks.

Original broadcast date: Jan. 18, 2017

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