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Leye Shporer-Leavitt is a guest on The 'Yiddish Voice' Podcast

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Sholem Beinfeld, Boris Sandler, Leye Shporer-Leavitt

Jul 27, 201760 minutes

Various topics discussed with interesting guests. Sholem Beinfeld was live in studio. He is the co-chief editor of the recently published Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary, Professor Emeritus of History from Washington University in St. Louis, and serves on the Yiddish Committee of the Boston Workmen's Circle. Joining on the phone were Boris Sandler, the acclaimed Yiddish author and recently retired editor of the Yiddish Forverts, and Leye Shporer-Leavitt, Yiddish teacher and translator.

Air Date: July 19, 2017

Kolya Borodulin, Dovid Braun, Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 201960 minutes

Michael Wex et al: Purim+Humor Extended

Mar 21, 201960 minutes

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