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Sholem Beinfeld is a guest on The 'Yiddish Voice' Podcast

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Hasia Segal Shloyshim Memorial

Feb 16, 201762 minutes

This is a special "Shloyshim" (memorial) program for Hasia Segal z"l, co-founder and co-host of the Yiddish Voice, who died January 16, 2017. Participants in the show include Rivke Basman Ben-Haim, Hankus Netsky, Ruth Shulman, Esther Ritchie, Iosif Lakhman, Dovid Braun, Sholem Beinfeld, and Mark David. Rivke Basman Ben-Haim, a world-renowned Yiddish poet and a good friend of Hasia's, presents a new, original poem that she composed specially for this occasion. Hankus Netsky is the founder of the Klezmer Conservatory Band and a leader in preserving and reviving Yiddish music, language, and culture. Shulman and Ritchie are Hasia's daughters. Lakhman, Braun, Beinfeld, and David are regular participants on the Yiddish Voice.

Original air date: Feb. 15, 2017

Iosif Lakhman Shloyshim Memorial

Jul 13, 201760 minutes

Mindl Cohen, Leye Leavitt, Sholem Beinfeld

Sep 1, 201759 minutes

Samuel Kassow, Elissa Bemporad

Nov 3, 201761 minutes

Mike Burstyn, Eitan Kensky

Nov 16, 201760 minutes

Saul Noam Zaritt

Dec 14, 201760 minutes

Hasia Segal: First Yahrtzeit Memorial

Jan 15, 201861 minutes

Zvi Gitelman

Feb 8, 201860 minutes

Tsirl Kuznitz

Mar 8, 201861 minutes

Dovid Fishman: The Book Smugglers

May 3, 201861 minutes

Miriam Hoffman: A Breed Apart

May 17, 201860 minutes

Debra Caplan: Yiddish Empire

Jun 28, 201860 minutes

Anna Shternshis: Yiddish Glory

Aug 9, 201860 minutes

Anna Shternshis: Yiddish Glory [Encore]

Jan 21, 201960 minutes

אַנאַ שטערנשיש: ייִדיש-גלאָריע (encore)

Debra Caplan: Yiddish Empire [Encore]

Jan 21, 201960 minutes

דאָבע-לאה קאַפּלאַן: ייִדיש-אימפּעריע (encore)

Kalman Weiser

Feb 7, 201960 minutes

Kolya Borodulin, Dovid Braun, Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 201960 minutes

Michael Wex et al: Purim+Humor Extended

Mar 21, 201960 minutes

Beinfeld & Taube re Pittsburgh Massacre, Ber Kotlerman re Der Nister

Nov 1, 201859 minutes

ביינפֿעלד און טאובע: פּיטסבורגער שחיטה; בער קאָטלערמאַן: דער ניסטער

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