Special Guest Jennifer Yaros on Creativity

Jun 19, 201848 minutes

Today’s guest, Jennifer Yaros, talked about creativity and the work she is doing with her new product BrainSpark. She came into the Training, Learning & Development industry by starting off her career in technical writing. She took a course in Instructional Design and realized that it’s very similar to tech writing and expanded her skill set into ID seeing herself as a knowledge transfer expert.

We also talked about working with subject matter experts, and audience analysis, and the importance of being empathetic in the work we do.

Creativity was a big part of our conversation. She has some great tips and tricks around nurturing creativity.

3 main things to improve:

  1. work on your body
  2. improve your thinking through divergent thinking
  3. let go of your ego through collaboration

Playing and thinking like a child by asking a lot of questions is another great way to be creative. She also shared an example of “failing like a genius” using the story of the slinky and how it was invented.

Jennifer has a lot to share about #1 above because she is an ultra-runner, and yoga practitioner. She also recommends staying away from caffeine for being creative, but it IS helpful when after you’ve had a creative idea and need to execute.

She shared so much more!

Megan Torrance of TorranceLearning

Jun 19, 201858 minutes

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