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Aug 20, 201757 minutes


It was an episode full of video talk, links in the chat, and a special guest, Joe Fameli from the site. We weaved in and out of the logistics of creating ‘long form’ video, software to use when editing, and the hardware to use and how to set it up. Make sure to scroll up through the chat to see some of the great questions the team asked of Joey.

  • Challenges with 1 Hour TV Episode Construction
  • Video Producer vs. Shooter
  • Adobe Product Suggestions
  • Pricing for Producing Video
  • Camera Hardware Discussion
  • Many Chatroom Questions Answered

Links Mentioned in this Episode,110369347493&gclid=CjwKEAjwoNrMBRD4-viTlaj42GcSJAD84Ni_fEzetDALKYGFFs5fSzAZXyyamJQujdn_319lC94QvxoCAPXw_wcB

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